Saturday, August 6, 2011

it's alway's a holiday..

at holiday world!!!  what a treasure that place is!  i grew up looking forward to going every summer (hoping to get to go more than once), my mom even grew up going to it (around a long time!) & now my kiddos get to enjoy the fun.  it is such an awesome park that has definitely grown up over the years, but still keeps family the #1 priority (it was so cool for me to see pat koch, one of the owners, walking around greeting people & picking up trash- wouldn't see that at six flags). 
didn't our kiddos look thrilled to be there!?!?! 
we planned this special visit because some of our favorite people were going from back where daddio is from.  & is was miss kate's 2nd birthday!!  happy birthday kate the great!!

 first stop (tradition for me)  was a family picture with the santa claus statue.   you can see mr. ben's legs behind santa.

we then hit the kiddy rides.  the water bumpers (my least favorite ride as a kid- but they didn't have little kid ones back in the olden days).  

ben ready for attack

 all the kiddos lined up!  love a.j.'s sunglasses - he is one cool dude!!
having fun & happy on the bumper boats..

she soon lost interest.

next, was one of gracie's favorite.  the seahorsies!!  

not so much ben's.  he was already tired of me with the camera.  sorry, bud.

after that, we rode a few more in that area & then headed onto bigger things.  mr. a.j. braved the scrambler with his dad & loved it (not our kids after last year!)  & then carrie, a.j., gracie & i rode the frightfull falls (log ride).  gracie HATED it!  cried & cried!!

she did sure love raging rapids, the family water ride.  even loved waiting & walking in line.

 in her daddy's arms, one of the best places to be!

some more kiddy rides for grace.  loves those fishies..

ben was too cool for that.

& to stick his head in some bunny.

next was time for splashin safari!!!  last year, one trip, the kiddos wouldn't leave.   this year, our kids didn't last too long.  momma got the free sunscreen in gracie's eye & she was then miserable - i should have just used our own lotion that was put up in the locker, but didn't want to mess with it- live & learn.  she ended up taking a nice nap in my arms while the boys played.  when she woke up, she was ready for more for a bit & then i was done with some of the kiddos there.  a big girl pushed my gracie trying to beat her onto a slide & then another sassy cat told me to "move it!" of course, i asked both girls to use their manners (because my kiddos are always perfect- yeah, right).

ben & gracie couldn't hang at holiday world too long yesterday.  they were pooped!  ben was begging to play a game, have some ice cream & go home.  some ice cream (see her red eye),

$7 & 2 stuffed animals later we were headed home.

we stopped at subway drive through & got a bite to eat.  i kept sneaking bites of the kiddo's food & benj didn't like it one bit.  he fell asleep with a death grip on that box.  the pain i am, i kept trying to take it out of his hands.  he'd jerk, give me an evil look & grasp tighter to the box as he fell back to sleep. 

franklin family, thanks for thinking of us to join you at holdiay world - we had a blast!! too bad we couldn't hang for too long!!


Melissa said...

Looks like fun! I'm kinda sad we haven't gone yet this year. Maybe one weekend before they close...

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