Wednesday, August 24, 2011

back to school, back to school

i wonder if everyone my age thinks of that adam sandler song whenever this time of year rolls around.  i can't get it out of my head!  well, miss g started prek tuesday.  & yes, i think i shed a tear or 2.  thank goodness i had volunteered to help make copies at ben's school while she was in prek so there weren't buckets full of tears.  it's hard to believe my baby is this old! 

yes, she wore a dress with gnomes on it the first day.  that's my girl!!

striking a pose in her room.

when i picked her up, she raised up her arms & shouted "i loved it!  it was totally cool!" (for the record, "totally" is totally gracie's favorite descriptive word in the world right now & i think it is totally cute.  but, that's just me.

i have yet to have the few hours just at home alone while she's in preK, but tomorrow i will.  what to do, what to do?? i pretty sure it involves decluttering. where to start, where to start- that's the question!  (i would show a picture but i'm too embarrased!)

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