Thursday, September 8, 2011

up to japan and start of soccer games

daddio is right now up in the air on his way to japan.  this morning, i wanted to get a picture of the kiddos with him.
 lovely.  mr. benj just loves to light up for that camera.

but, at the bus stop, they were showing their true feelings. 

 they miss & love their daddy.

& i am & do too. bunches
so glad it's a short trip.  i very much respect those single parents out there & the military families that are at home doing it every day.  some strong folks out there!


& now- dum da dum 1 for beano, future soccer phenom!!!

he said the kids on his team (2 of the much younger ones) are calling him "mastermind."  do you think they mean "megamind" the movie because of his head shape - or is that just momma worrying?  anyways, he thinks it's hilarious. & i'm glad he does!

hands up!
the team did a great job & he was attacking that ball.  though he didn't score any goals himself, he did get lots of assists (if there is such a thing in soccer) & blocked a lot of goals. 

some action shots of my boy:

 he had 2 kids on him for the throw in, he was such a threat!
 he was a hustlin too!  i was very proud of my soccer star!

we will be at the soccer fields almost every day till mid october with at least 1 of the kiddos having games (except for sundays & fridays).  i have a feeling this will be what the next month of posts will be about. 

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