Friday, October 29, 2010

pumpkin painting at its finest

well, we finally got around to painting pumpkins last night.

after our walk the evening before, ben was less than pleased that we weren't painting them when he wanted to.  he's learning things don't always go his way.

now, on to the pumpkins... we had to have one for every member of our family. 

it was also the festival of fall fun at preschool, so you may not recognize beano.  boy, did he give his momma some guilt about not being there (i had my urologist appointment)!  last year, he didn't want me to participate in anything! 

ben made a beautiful & bright miss gracie faye pumpkin.

gracie made a lovely poppy. :)

namaw is on the back.

daddio & momma are sharing a pumpkin.  i got to decorate those.

i even added my roots & gray hair to my pumpkin!

& damaw, the doggies & papaw are all on one pumpkin.   (pawprints on one side)

the family portraits with our masterpieces!

we (daddio) did do one pumpkin carving(upper right hand side).  just because.  a fun night, even with kidney stones!

& a cute little picture of my gracie girl from this week.  whatta face!

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