Friday, October 29, 2010

dear namaw,

a very belated birthday wish.  i was trying to come up with some awe inspiring words - but that didn't happen.

you were & still are a cute thang!

anyways.....thank you for all the hugs & kisses

& unconditional, nonjudgmental love you give us. 
gracie loves you more than chocolate.  & ben loves you more than hot wheels - take that (from the commercial, i'm not being a smarty pants)! 

seriously, we love you so & i thank you for being the best mother in law a gal could ask for.  you are a true beauty inside & out.   thank you for driving down here at a moment's notice to help with whatever.  we so love you & i feel lucky to call you namaw & mom! 

i know i have pictures of us all together more recent, but can't find them at this moment.  but, this is a day when we were all nice & snazzy!

we love you namaw bunches & bunches!  & you too poppy!  & you too auntie jen! 

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