Monday, October 11, 2010

a nice sunday drive

a really nice day today.  we didn't get up early enough to cheer kate on at the mini marathon, but i was with her in spirit.  we were able to make it to church.  i dressed gracie in her sleep & gave her a poptart for the road.  yesterday, they had a super fun filled day at the fall festival with cousins from 2:30  till after the parade.  she was so fired up, it was after 11:30 when she fell asleep.  that child of mine!  (as i sit here up at 1:30)

after an amazing church service, we went out to papaw's for a visit.  been a loong time since we went out there after church!  it was really nice.  different, but nice.  i spent a lot of time searching for things he was looking for & justin did some handy work around the home.  the kiddos enjoyed swinging on the swings & hanging out & running all over the yard.

i love how sophie the dog is the only one smiling.

then, we went for a drive out on the land.  woah nellie!  daddio let the kiddos "drive" not "safe," but i remember "driving" as a little kid on pap's lap by the spoil banks & there's nothing out there on our land yet. someday though we hope to clear it out & have our home sweet home. 

 ben was cracking up & snorting so hard he peed his pants. running over the big bushes that we were calling trees was just too much fun.  ben had to make a face for his picture.

i about lost it when miss grace while looking at me said "mommy, i won't hit anything."  & then added "i won't hit anything too hard,"  in her sweetest & most serious voice.  

the ride was the hardest on poor zack, the dog.  i think he was a bit freaked out by all the excitement of running over "trees!"

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