Monday, October 18, 2010

the perfect fit & the perfect shoe

about 6 years ago & a couple of days, daddio & i became husband & wife.  it was a beautiful day full of wonderful memories i hope to never forget.

looking back, i was quite a bridezilla.  every detail had to be perfect, from the napkins, the cake, the shoes, my songlist - you get the idea.  i am a bit embarrassed looking back now at myself.   there was a moment where i was whining about something (i'm sure unimportant), saying "this is my day!" & justin was quick to remind me it wasn't my day, it was our day to share with loved ones.  oh, he's a wise one. 

i found my perfect shoes for the wedding, felt just like cinderella.  but oh did they hurt my feet!

for the honeymoon, i had to have "just married" flip flops to wear on the beach.  the shoes weren't making it in time for our honeymoon.  so, the morning of the wedding, daddio & his groomsmen hand carved some shoes.  i can only imagine what those guys were thinking about me at that time...but, being justin's buddies, they went with him to dollar general, got some flip flops & helped him make the perfect shoes.

thanks hun, for putting up with my silly wants over the years & giving me a reality check here & there.  i love you so.  thank you for being such an awesome daddio to our precious kiddos.  we love you.

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Paula said...

Congrats! You looked gorgeous.