Wednesday, October 6, 2010

score!! not 1, but 2!! some miami coconuts from auntie jen & a bday party

soccer on saturday, the boys were on fire.  we watching the game were freezing our tail ends off.  the whole team did great (& only 5 were able to make it). benj scored 2 goals & was super duper duper excited.  he couldn't wait to call his friends & family!  i think this boy is gonna be on the phone waay too much as he gets older if we don't watch it. 

some shots from the game:

 cheering after a score by someone (probably jackson - he rocks!) i have a feeling someday we might be saying "our boy played soccer with him back in the day " when he turns pro.   kinda like i say "my high school boyfriend pitched a grand slam to scott rolen during sectional." 

another goal!  wooo!!

ben has no lack of enthusiasm - i just love that about him!  great job buddy & galaxy team!!

& grace during the game.  of course, she was hungry or thirsty the entire time. 

after the game, we headed to namaw & poppy's.  miss grace needed some relax time.

saturday, momma & daddio went to hang out with some friends for a bit while the kiddos got some good namaw & poppy time.  gracie was ready for me to come home though, with her arms on her chest when namaw wouldn't give her anymore icing from the apple cake.  (i wouldn't have either)  i decided to have an adult beverage that night since the kiddos were already asleep (not even an entire wine cooler) & ended up feeling awful, awful, awful!

on sunday, we broke open a coconut namaw & poppy brought back from jen's.  ben was thrilled that it was ripe.  "finally, a good one!" he said (the last few they brought back were a bit yuck).

oh & jen & all, you don't know this yet but  i'd  we'd like to come visit sunny miami sometime soon!  we miss ya!

& some family pictures with the coconut.  yes, momma does take too many pictures!

then, we went to miss denyail's 4th birthday party.  what a sweetie.
morgan rockin out to a girl guitar!!

then, we headed home.  & that was the weekend.  fun for sure, but i'm still tired. 

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