Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the monster mash

we had a fun filled weekend of birthday & halloween parties.  i am not feeling very loquacious right now, so i'll just post some pictures & a few words...

in the witch's relay

we were supposed to be making silly faces, janet!

 the cuteset nerd in the world & snooki from jersey shore.

 monkey see..
 monkey do...
 & monkey keeps doin

gracie was eating chocolate as we were trick or treating.  she started to get tired & asked daddio to please trick or treat for her so she could still get candy. 

high school sweethearts

 oh, to be 15 again...
 ash & janet
 who is that hiding??

our lovely family.  i used justin's priest costume from several years ago & just threw on a witches hat. 

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