Wednesday, October 6, 2010

apple orchard field trip

 this week, the kiddos at preschool had their first field trip.  to tj's apple orchard.  (benjo's second time there).  here's my picture of grace getting off the bus for her first time...

gotta work on my pictures a bit..

miss joanna appleseed was there to tell the kids all about picking apples, making cider & such.  she told a great story about her wonderful brother johnny giving a lady his old worn coat when she was cold. 

my little gal by my side. 
daddio got to go too & spent the time with ben & his class, so i didn't get many pics of them.

tasting the cider.

it's amazing to me how all the kiddos can behave so well & pay attention!  (but i did hear someone pulled the fire alarm when they got back to school - wasn't mine, thank goodness!

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