Wednesday, October 20, 2010

surf's up

we like to play on the playground after preschool with buddies often.  well, yesterday one little gal was pretending the big slide was a water slide.  she yelled "let's all go to the water slide!!"  once they got to the top, my mr. ben pulled down his shorts to show his undies & said "surf's up!" 

the girls were quick to tell me what happened.  this momma was a bit embarrassed. i talked to him there how that was inappropriate & was thinking in my head "thank goodness it didn't happen during school.." 

 last night when we were talking about it, he said "i just lost my mind.  i thought it would be funny because my underwear had surfboards on it."  i did laugh, but know i need to buy him whitey-tighties now.

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