Thursday, October 14, 2010

as the thunder rolls

& the lightening strikes... oh, i love me some garth brooks!  brings back some good old high school memories.  mom, manda jo & i sitting at the tip top of robert's stadium all crying to "the dance."  garth will always rule in my book. 

now, back to my original subject,  ben was on his way down the field to scoring a goal when the game was called for lightening.  i don't think the boys (or the parents) minded too much. 

ben was doing a dance or something before the start of one of the quarters (is that what they are called in soccer? we still have some learning here to do).  i caught a few of his moves on the camera. 


shake it buddy!

after the game, i asked him what he & jackson were doing out there & he said "getting fired up to score a goal."  sometimes, i think they forget they are on the same team & almost kick one another.  but, they are always having a blast. 

we got to go home a little bit early.  i didn't eat prior to the game, so was starving.  fixed up some chicken & egg noodles.  after bath, ben ate 4 plates of that stuff.  that game made him a hungry boy! 

1 more game this season & that's it!  it has flown by it seems.  the team has become friends & learned a lot about the sport & good sportsmanship from their coaches. go galaxy!!!

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