Sunday, September 26, 2010

family fun day at santa claus land - or holiday world

daddio's work picnic was last sunday & it was our mission to go, despite colds.  ben begged the doctor to have him better in time for the trip & thank goodness he was. 

of course, the must have pictures with the santa statue.

& then with the real guy himself.  gracie wants a unicorn.  santa said "what color stuffed unicorn would you like?"  smart man.  thanks, santa!

the kiddos wanted to go to splashin safari first thing.  even though it was a bit chilly.
they still loved it!
 ack! i'm wet!!

 cuddling up to keep warm. 

we then hit the rides & we hit'em hard.  first stop, the scrambler.  which i think traumatized poor grace forever!
the  evil ride.

ben & daddio in front of us.

gracie on the ride.  i was praying she wouldn't spew all over me!!

after that, we decided to take on some more kid friendly rides.

much more to her liking.

raging rapids was our next adventure.  ben said "this is awesome!!!" & had to ride again with daddy.

as you can see, miss grace still wasn't too sure.  but she gave it a "thumbs up" (with the wrong finger.)

no log ride for her, but ben sure did like it.
i hope by next season the trauma has worn off & she's ready to tackle more rides.  i hope.

one of the last rides they rode was the bumper water cars.  brought back my childhood memories of the horrid ride.  all i could do was go in circles in one spot by myself, just like gracie is here.  back then the mean old lady yelled at me the entire time to dock my boat.  i couldn't figure out how to move it.  eventually, a nice man came & saved me.  & mom, i remember you guys laughing about it too!!

we had a fun filled day at holiday world, were all ready for a nap when we got home!!

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