Monday, June 1, 2009

his new do

he's not too happy about it, but i think it will be nice & cool for summertime. he said he couldn't wait for it to grow & be back in his eyes..he looks so different. every time he gets a haircut, i wonder why did we do it?!?

here's another top i made gracie.
some work still needs to be done.
we went to the park today &
1/2 way through the top fell off.
the strap holes are a bit too loose.

papaw update: he's been feeling pretty rough. his throat hurts from the radiation & he's been weak. today damaw took him to the doc & they gave him an iv for dehydration. hopefully tomorrow, he will feel a little better.

gracie nursing update: she quit just like that! 2 weeks now & she hasn't even asked for it (i thought she would never give it up). the "owie" method of telling her they were hurt worked. i think karma got me & made them really hurt. i am finally feeling better, 2 antibiotics later. thank goodness!

a happy monday to all!


Angie said...

Ben looks like a Rockstar!!
Love his new haircut.
I'm glad you are feeling better now.
Have a great and sunny day

missdreampainter said...

wow, he's new do makes him look older. it is so cute that he was attached to his hair and wants it back.

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

cute pics. ben's hair looks great. it will be cooler in the heat.

the shirt looks great!