Thursday, June 18, 2009

sweet berry pie

miss gracie helped me to make a pie with all the berries picked from papaw's house. ben was too busy watching wipeout with his dad on tv to help. she is quite the helper.

first, she greased the pie pan.

then, she helped add the ingredients to the bowel. i didn't have a recipe, just threw in some sugar, some homemade vanilla extract, some almond extract & some flour.

next, she stirred, stirred, stirred.

then she tasted, tasted, tasted. she thought it was pretty durn good prior to even being baked.
mr. ben really enjoyed the fruits of her labor.


Angie said...

Oh i need to make one too for my husband, he misses the american cakes.
I probably will have to text you and gracie again when i'm starting to make one. Thank you for those yummy pictures.
Have a nice weekend

HootieMama said...

What a big helper! Too cute! I love that she had to taste test it multiple times!

Aimee said...

You're so brave (and such a good mama) to let Gracie help you with those berries. Leah is quite the eager helper in my kitchen. What is it that Gracie's standing on? Leah drags in a little toddler chair from her coloring table to stand on but it's not the most sturdy thing.