Saturday, June 27, 2009

freeze frame

we went to the photo fundraiser for jeriah ciulei family today. we had a fun time getting dressed up & smiling for the camera together. (ok, the kiddos not so much today). but, we got some kinda cute pictures in the process & the $$ is going to help a family that really needs it. here are the best pictures. we went shoeless, as i didn't think ben's yellow crocs & gracie's camo boots matched too well.

we had the best time waiting for the picture cd....
ben busting a move for some pretzels from the vending machine.

gracie finally smiliing...

trying out her locker combination..

hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


adrienne said...

Thanks for the fundraiser tip!

We went too and got some great family photos!

Paula said...

great pictures, you have a beautiful family.

Angie said...

Cool pictures.
She is too cute with her little boots lol