Saturday, June 13, 2009

walk this way

i took 2 pictures today of the kids at the hospital today. they did make our day look like it was pretty good.
i love it when they hold hands and follow directions. they were good for about as long as it took to have the pictures taken.
the rest of the day was just hell. we were supposed to be in & out, but were at the hospital for hours. paps's stuff took waaay longer than expected. pap is having is surgery to remove his lump next saturday so that is good news. part of his ear & salivary glands will be removed. so he will look a bit different. but we will love him, ear or no ear.

i am so thankful today is over. it was a stressfull one. the poor kids were good, were just put though a lot of waiting and waiting and waiting. i'm sorry guys.

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Deb said...

What sweet pictures! (((HUGS))) to you and your Papaw. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts!