Saturday, June 6, 2009

r.i.p. our beloved remote control

our remote control to the bedroom tv finally bit the dust. the pieces of it have been held together with duct tape for years.
the tv was daddio's in college, so i'm sure it had some abuse from those guys. we haven't been easy on it either. the remote had been through our wash & dry cycle more times than i can count (i'd forget to check on it every time i wash the sheets!)

well, yeseterday when i pulled it out of the dryer (oops), even after a battery change it wouldn't work. i was quite bummed thinking i would have to get my lazy rear out of bed at night to turn on the tv to watch chelsea lately after the kids were asleep.

today gracie & i went shopping at tuesday morning. they are having a 50% marked clearance items this weekend. if you have one near you, check them out! low & behold, there was a universal remote on clearance. the new one is so shiny & new, i hope it can withstand the treatment of our household.