Monday, June 8, 2009

sunday, sunday

we made our sunday trip out to papaw's today. he was in good spirits, so that was just wonderful!
the cherry tree was full of delicious fruit, so we all went to town picking.

ben did the majority of it & was very proud. after we were done, he was already asking for a pie.

i love this picture of daddio tilling the garden with papaw walking in the background. i know it really bugs my pap to have to have help with things, but he's doing ok with it.

we were going to take our dog, zakky home with us today, but when it was time to go he hid. i think he has officially moved into my mom's home.

papaw was feeling better today than in weeks, thank god! he was able to eat spaghetti & strawberry shortcake for lunch. all of his children stopped by for at least a minute today too, which was nice. he goes wednesday to the surgeon to discuss removing the tumor. pray for the best. here he is getting that nasty spot cleaned up.

when we got home, after nap, it was cherry pitting time. ben did a great job helping. gracie, not so much. she liked throwing the pits in the "good" bowl & laughing about it. little stinker. ben used a tool from namaw to help pop out the cherry pits & i must say it worked pretty good. he really liked it.

for cherry pie time, i let them mix everything up themselves. they did a great job working together. but check out that look ben is giving his little sis there! the pie they made was delicious, ben had 2nds after a huge supper!

hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Angie said...

Yummy pie!
Wish you could hand me some over.
Cute post like always.
Your Papaw is in our prayers

pmb1121 said...

My cat now lives with my parents too. She was staying there while our house in E-ville was for sale and my dad would not let me have her back when I asked.

I hope your papaw gets good news this week, I will say a prayer.