Saturday, June 27, 2009

friday night summer social

we went to neighbor john's church's summer social last night. ate waaay too much. the dumplings were out of this world awesome. we ate very quickly though, because beano could hardly wait to ride the rides.

the first ride the kiddos rode on cracked me up.
gracie up front driving, having the time of her life

ben in the back miserable. i think he was a bit embarrassed by this.

but never fearo, next, him & daddio went down the big slide!

then, some jumping around in the bounce house & a carousel ride which ben was less than thrilled about. gracie had fun. she has been wearing these camo boots nonstop with everything. girl has style.

gracie cracked me up so. on every ride she would hold the operator's hand the entire way to & from the ride. i think she even gave the bounce house lady a hug. what a sweetie pie.

the last ride was the ultimate spinner around fun ride for both of them (thank goodness)
after they were nice & dizzy,
we called it a night & went home to bed.

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Donna said...

Sara, I really enjoyed all the pictures. The kids are growing too fast. You and Justin have done a fantastic job. They are going to be wonderful adults, just like you and Justin. I reall enjoyed yours and Gracie's birthday party. You are right, Namaw is the best cook ever!!! Have a great vacation.
Aunt Donna