Thursday, June 3, 2010

we're making it

what a crazy april and may  it was!  but, we made it & are now into june.  so much has happened in such a little time.
 i can't wait to post pictures & share stories about ben's preschool closing program (awesome buddy!), zoo trips with friends, more t-ball, the "simple life" out at papaw's (ha ha ha - i have never worked so hard in my stinking life), fishing at namaw & poppy's, the party at donna & tom's, my unending appreication for my great aunt dee who has provided us with awesome meals more times than i can count (& it's one the days that i am ready to pull out all my hair), & the progress papaw has made.

papaw is getting there, he says we will be gone & he on his own by july 1st... we'll see.  i hate to watch him struggle to do such simple things.  & sometimes when i'm tired & gracie's throwing a fit,  i hate to have to do it.  but we are making it through it all as a family.  & i am thankful for that.  seriously, i have the best husband in the world.  he has never even said a negative thing about this situation (unlike selfish me) & comes home smiling, ready to play with the kiddos, kiss me & work with papaw.

last night, gracie went to sleep early, as did pap.  justin & ben went for a drive.  i was just laying there, head racing wondering what i got my family into.  feeling guilt over the less one on one time i was having with my kids, guilt over frustrations toward my extended family, guilt over my shortness with my dear husband & poor papaw.  i was feeling honestly pretty crappy.  when ben & justin got home, ben wanted to read from the book "more little visits with god."  these are little devotionals to read with kiddos about god & his love & how it pertains to life but was written like way back in the 60's or something.  well, we chose 3 stories last night & they oh so spoke to me.  one was about love.  it gave an example of 3 kids & their love for their mom.  the first 2 told their mom they loved them, but the third told her mom that & did things that showed love.  it talked about how much god loves us & loves for us to show love for others.  it helped me to realize how we are showing pap love by doing this for him.  & made me appreciate even more all those that love us.  people watching my kiddos so i can take care of papaw, bringing food, taking him for a drive, just making a phone call.  it matters.   the other 2 hit the spot, but my mind is tired & i need to go back home (i snuck over to aunt dee & uncle paul's to use their internet while my household is asleep). 
much love to all my friends & family out there.  thank you for your prayers.  angie in germany, i hope all is well with your baby girl!!


Deb said...

Hang in there girl! ((hugs)) I have been thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet blog you have! God's grace and blessings to you and your family!
~Kara Willis :)

The Jarrett Family said...

Keep going my dear friend. You are proving to yourself how strong and awesome you are and your kids are learning so much about life, love and family. I think of you often. Big hug!!!!

Anonymous said...

This morning, I read your blog. I am so very thankful to know someone so loving, so strong, and so willing to die to themselves to show the love of God. You have inspired me today Sara. Love you so very much, and your beautiful family.
Sara L.