Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the final game

at daddio's suggestion, i have removed my posts about the not so good lately & just focus on the good things.   i think that's probably best.

big ben had his last t-ball game.  & what a game it was!   those kids are too stinkin cute.

he was extra excited because his friends came to see him play.  they were smart & found some shade. 

& then he got a trophy!!  he held it up for the crowd to see.  that night he slept with it.  it hasn't left his side yet. 
i'm proud of ya, buddy. 

way to go purple team & thanks coach chad for being such a fun coach for the kiddos!


Deb said...

I see Ben's glove on his right hand. Is he a lefty? Chloe is a lefty!

sara said...

we thought he was, but now he's writing with his right. gracie definately is.