Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy daddio's day!

happy father's, poppy's, papaw's day to all the wonderful men in our lives.  we love you all!!  daddio, you are the best father our children could ever ask for.  thank you for taking such good care of us all & loving us.  we love you.

gracie getting daddio.

best buds just a swinging after catching some lightning bugs.

the kiddos loving their hugs from poppy.

boys night out.
setting up the racetrack with grandpa phil.
papaw kern in the hospital.

for daddio, we washed his truck for father's day.   someone accidentally added a scratch to the truck, but i'm sure it was full of love.  we were all soaked by the end of the truck wash.  i was sneak attacking them all, but then they got me back.  daddio held onto me & ben just sprayed.   man, was that some cold water!!
 check out that shiny truck & ben's new do! (that's about the only spot on the truck that didn't have dirt showing after we were done.) 

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