Tuesday, June 29, 2010

we got the beat

making lots of beautiful beats at cmoe today. 
i have a feeling miss grace will be into body art someday.  a rainbow on her head, butterfly 1 cheek & a heart made by bubby on the other. 

of course, their favorite area was the quack factory (where you get nice & wet).  beano was begging to go there first stop.  but, we checked out the other exhibits first.  what a mean mom i am. 

my favorite part was the room with a stage playing music.  the kiddos sure did get down with their bad selves.  or at least spun around till they were very "bizzy" (dizzy in benglish).

my almost 3 barefoot beauty.  i'm proud of you big girl!  soo happy you've decided it's potty time!!
makes me want to jump up & down for joy too!

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