Monday, June 28, 2010

baobab blast at vbs

vacation bible school at the church i grew up at was last week.  & what a blast the kiddos had.  they are still recovering from all the fun i think. 
the theme for this year was baobab blast.  gracie looved dancing to the theme song.
in the kiddos' group was miss macey, gracie, briley (who is one of my childhood friend's little gals), darby & ben.  miss beth was their teacher & i think they all had a fun time learning about the love of jesus.

here are the kiddos doing a fun project with marla.  she was awesome, gracie said.

i think recess was gracie's favorite time, because that's when she got to ride the horsies. 

the kiddos at the end of an evening.  a bit tired out, as ben would say.

we had to miss the last night, but the days we went sure were fun.  thank you my favorite church ladies for putting it on again! :)

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