Thursday, June 10, 2010


we had a fun day playing at the park while pap did rehab today.  wore us out!!  & then when we get home, mr. brown (ups man) came with big coolers filled with frozen meals.  thank you so jen!  we love you.  i cannot believe the kindness i have seen the past few months & unfortunately the ugliness too.  so much is on my mind that i want to write down when there is time.  what a crazy couple of months: papaw's health, a friendship ended via an email message (but my sweet gracie consoled me that night & told me she'd always be my friend, bless her heart), preschool over, summertime fun begining, moving in with papaw & helping him learn to live again.   kiddos, i am very proud of you helping to care for your great grandpa.  ben, letting him tie you at the bug bucket race was awesome.  gracie, you help take good care of his owies.  kiddos, he loves your goodnight hugs every night. 
tonight, i am headed out for a sweet little 21 year old's birthday, i hope you feel ok in the morning smash! love you

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