Wednesday, October 28, 2009

trunk or treat!!

we attended the trunk-or-treat event at the ft.branch gbc tonight. what a great time!

here's a picture of my mighty t-rex & ever reliable thomas the train. my dinosaur is a bit camera shy tonight.

my little thomas was so excited to hit the road.

we were headed that way, but had to turn around & grab our goody bags.

when we got there, i realized there was a problem with my shoes. that's what i get for having 2 colors of the same style.

all the cars & trucks were spooked out!!

t-rex acted thrilled to be there, as you can tell. (i think he was still in a bad mood over preschool today. he had show & tell & brought a favorite toy made by our neighbor. all of his friends playing with it really put him in a bad mood. we will now only bring items to show & tell that he doesn't mind sharing so much...)

they looked so cute from behind..

our family self portrait, the dinosaur wanted no part of it (big suprise).

look at that ferocious dino! cheer up, groucho!

gracie had a mighty heavy load.

eating all the goodies at home tonight. bedtime, shmedtime!
tomorrow is fall festival at ben's preschool, friday o.a.r. concert (can i please go, hunny??) & saturday the big party at lori's! happy halloween!!

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