Friday, October 16, 2009

painting up some pumpkins

daddio took the day off from work & we went to the pumpkin patch yesterday to get our pumpkins for jack o lanterns.
the kiddos couldn't wait to get home & paint them (ben's favorite thing to do lately).

gracie chose for herself & for me some itty bitty pumpkins.

she had on a pair of my jeans from growing up. she even calls them her "mommy jeans".i love these jeans, they are one of a kind. my grandma had patched up 1 hole from all the playing & added some other flair to them. they are a 4t & fit my 2t miss gracie just fine.

they worked together on daddio's pumpkin to make it the scariest pumpkin on the block. ben was singing a song about teamwork as they all worked together. so cute.

almost done...

masterpiece complete! it's name is mister scary pumpkin.

daddio had to add some eyes to it after ben was done.

gracie enjoyed making black polka dots on all the pumpkins.
she was really concentrating, tongue stuck out & all.
her finished pumpkin. named gracie faye pumpkin by ben. very original.
here's mama pumpkin with spots courtesy of gracie.

happy halloween!!

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