Saturday, October 3, 2009


poor miss gracie has been sick. yucky sick & in the night time mainly. i've been awakened for 3 nights to the lovely feeling of puke on me. yuck. poor thing would cry a bit & then say "dorry momma." when i'd get us & the bed all cleaned up, she'd say "dank you momma." such a sweetie. even remembering her manners in a time like this.

we went to the doctor yesterday & of course she acted just fine in there, smiling & saying hi to everyone. but, the doc gave her something for vomiting & an antibiotic. i'm hoping for a better night tonight & crossing my fingers no one else is infected in the household.


The Jarrett Family said...

Feel better Gracie!

Aimee said...

Poor Gracie and poor momma. Nobody likes to puke or get puked on, especially in the middle of the night!