Monday, October 12, 2009

our long lost friends

it seems like forever since we played with some of our bestest friends (ok, maybe 3 weeks, but that's a long time). i was definately having my amy withdrawls!!
i worked with amy at whirlpool & we both became pregnant about the same time. low and behold, we both had boys and they have the best time hanging out. they are buddies, as ben says.

our friendship has grown as our children grow & i don't know what i would do without her as my friend. she is my sainity in times of turmoil - she is a rock. i thank god for her. our little girls, gracie & emily are about 3 months apart & get excited when they know we are all going to play. now that the boys are in preschool opposite days, it's harder to get together. but, we are finding the time.

we met them at the mall this evening. big hugs were everywhere. those kiddos really missed each other!

we ate a quick bite at the mall & then went for a shopping trip for costumes. miss emily is going to be a pretty cat & ethan a spooky spider.
since the kiddos were so good, we got to ride on the carousel.

miss emily checking out the crew behind her..

a bit dizzy after we got off, but we had a blast!!can't wait to play with you guys thursday night!

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