Monday, October 5, 2009


saturday evening was the perfect start of fall evening for a little bonfire & marshmallows out back.

getting that marshmallow on the stick requires some concentration..
there, got it!

initially, we had a roaring fire & needed the big stick for marshmallow toasting.

daddio can toast marshmallows to perfection.

gracie couldn't wait to eat hers up & found a new best bud in zaky the dog. i think zaky thought she was the easiest target.

once the fire died down, bem (as gracie says it) cleared the back area of leaves & pine needles. every time he'd throw in a batch of leaves he'd yell, "fire coming!!" & just crack himself up over the whole thing. we did have a talk about fire safety & how fire is not to play with & so on. i think ben has daddio's love of the fire though. i can only imagine what ben will have to tell the firefighters at his field trip to the fire station this week..

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Aimee said...

Now I totally want a s'more.