Monday, October 5, 2009

going to the "big house"

damaw works in the "big house", as ben calls it. or the county courthouse.

we went to visit her & jody & friends the other day. the kiddos love going to visit, as they always get lots of goodies and hugs there.

up, up, up the stairs.
i used to play on these stairs as a little kid.

papaw worked at the courthouse for many, many years as a custodian. he took pride in making that place sparkle. every sunday, he & grandma would go in (on his day off) to buff all the floors & vacuum all the spiral staircases. i would often go with them & "help" & play on those steps for hours.

damaw has taken on a new role at the courthouse & we are very proud of her. i know you will do a great job mom & serve your county well! i love you.

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