Thursday, October 29, 2009

fun in the fall

while ben was at preschool, gracie & i worked on our never ending battle with the leaves. it's hard to believe we had several trees cut down in the past few years, we've been walking through inches of leaves lately.

gracie made the task so much more enjoyable. she loved every minute of it.
sorry for all the pictures of miss g & the leaves, but i loved each & every one. i think the grandparents will enjoy them at least!


ready now,

on your mark..

get set..


& stick that landing!

she'd keep shouting "hep, hep" (hip, hip) & i'd shout "hooray!!" every time a leaf was thrown.

that tongue of hers is always out.

momma & her gracie girl. i took this picture because i recently read this blog & it made me realize i was avoiding pictures at any cost just because i hate how i look right now. my kiddos don't care that i'm overweight, don't have on makeup & haven't brushed my hair. they love me for me. thank goodness!

check out that face! she's up to something!
a penny for your thoughts, my dear gracie??

when ben got home, he was so excited to see his surprise of piles & piles of leaves to jump & frolick in.

loving those leaves!

what a great smile; i've been missing it the past 2 days!!

warrior ben, slaying the leaves!

it started raining while we were out & i only got 4 big bags filled, so we still have a big job ahead of us!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're finally including pics of you! I love you too and want to see you as well as the kids. :) And, you're beautiful-so stop!

The Jarrett Family said...

we love you too! you've always been beautiful through and through so keep flashing that wonderful smile!