Friday, May 1, 2009

pajama party

daddio has been working crazy hours the past few weeks - 9am till midnight, noon till 1 am; it's been all over the place. at first it was ok, but now it sucks. i miss him. the kids miss him. i am greatful for his job & know this is short term, but it's got me in a funk. i stay up waiting for him to get home everynight because i am worried something might happen to him. so, i am dragging around everyday not feeling too hot.
today, we didn't even get out of our pajamas.
the kids had fun having a pajama party all day. they have a good time no matter what. i feel quilty though, that i haven't been doing our normal activities with them (crafts, workbooks, baking & such). hopefully soon we'll get back on track.

i felt kinda silly having them take a bath & put on clean pjs since we did so much today.

today, gracie's new word was "happy!" she has been saying it nonstop. i think she was saying it as she fell asleep tonight. we have a set prayer we say everynight & then ask god to bless family & friends & leaders we name. tonight, he wanted to do the blessing game on his own he said. he blessed brocolli, carrots and cheese. he thought he was hilarious. what a mess.
hope everyone has a happy friday.


Anonymous said...

that made me smile.

Angie said...

To your comment on my last post:
You are a very beautiful woman, I mean it. You got the most cute dimples :O)...I wish i had them too.
When i found your Blog i had to stop there and read it all.
Have a great day with you little ones