Thursday, May 28, 2009

from bed head to marvelous!

miss gracie has the craziest bed head known to man. most detangling sprays won't make a dent in those knots, or contains chemicals that i do not want on my little one's body.

i've finally found something that works better than my wildest dreams. juices & berries from oyin handmade. i love, love, love this stuff! it makes her knotty hair turn into smooth golden curly locks.

i know you can't tell it from the picture, but it makes her hair amazing & smell soo sweet! another produt i love from oyin (can't beat the funk butter for these hot days!)
her hairclip came from i love her bows!


Angie said...

Oh her hairclip is so cute!!
Makes me wanna have a girl.

Anonymous said...

i bet that smells yummy! Good find and cute hair.