Sunday, May 17, 2009


i can't sleep for the second or third night in a row. ugh. too much going on in my head...
i have my sewing machine back, so i've been messing around on it, which is sometimes frustrating but fun.

last night i made a bag. it's quite a funky bag out of some place mats and a tacky old tie. it's the perfect bag to sling over your body and carry the necessities. remember the place mats, karen?

tonight i made gracie a pillowcase dress out of a pillowcase from a yard sale this weekend. this is about the only thing i can make. here's some good directions on how to make one. you would think a former engineer could handle sewing with patterns, but i don't have the patience to even try.
i have an extra pillowcase & fitted sheet if anyone wants it!

here's my first "big" project i've sewn. i made a comforter for gracie's big girl bed someday. it's scrap chenille pieces & an old sheet of my grandparents is the backing. i used yo-yos to tie my knots in the comforter for some extra pizazz. there is a lot of character, aka mistakes on this blanket. but it was made with a bunch of love.

well, off to try & get some sleep...nighty night!


Angie said...

supteI hope you were sleeping better last night.
I love your work. The bag is so cute.
Have a great day with your kiddo's.
It is raining over here so we gotta stay inside the house all day....Boring!

Angie said...

Ups sorry for the "supte" lol.
I added the word verification on the wrong place.

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

i like what you did with the place mat. super cool! :)

glad you got your machine back and running!