Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a sweet day

it's always a sweet day when we go visit damaw at the courthouse (or jody's big house as ben calls it). so sweet today, the kiddos had a sucker in each hand.
jody, we missed you today!

we went & played at the petersburg park. that town has a great park for kids i must say. lots of space to run, lots of slides, lots of swings, lots of climbing stuff. just lots of fun!
gracie flashing the peace sign.
giddy up!

ben posing for the camera.
ben is a bit apprehensive about slides.
almost there...
made it!!!!

i love these pictures of my baby girl trying to climb up the big slide. (she would have too, if i would let her). gracie climbing reminded me of miss kingsley, ready to climb mountains!

i just love her dirty little face with her hair in her eyes.

on a side note... we are in the process of weaning miss g from nursing & it so hurts! both my chest & my heart hurt to hear her cry. i am just ready to be done. she's almost 2 & momma's ready to call it quits. i never even planned to nurse for this long, she just still seems so little to me. last night was the first night i haven't nursed her to sleep (besides when namaw & poppy have watched her a few times). it wasn't too bad; about an hour of begging & crying. hopefully tonight will go better.
i hope everyone is having a great week! radiation again for pap tomorrow, so another road trip for us. looking forward to a long weekend of camping out (in namaw & poppy's yard), fishing, and hanging out with family and friends.


Maggie said...

Oh I love the pillow case dress! Good luck with weaning, it's wonderful you nursed her so long!!

sara said...

thanks! i would longer, but need to switch antideppressants & do not want to nurse her on the new one. so, as i wean myself off the zoloft, i must wean her as well.

Angie said...

Thr pillow case dress is so sweet! I love it. I have never seen one before.