Friday, May 15, 2009


daddio made it home from work before bedtime today. it was even daylight! the kids were so eggcited (excited in benglish) to see his truck pull in the driveway. we have really missed him the past few weeks.
ben suggested we sit in the back of daddio's truck & "chat for a little while about our day". so that is just what we did.
ben told daddio about our picnic, yardsales we visited, playing with water sticks & playing frisbee. they had the best time just jumping from one side of the truck bed to the other.

my kiddos made some great artwork with chalk today. it's on places the rain doesn't wash it away, so it will likely be on display for a while.

hope everyone has a great weekend! daddio is looking forward to some rest & i can't wait to go to some yardsales tomorrow (we are hoping to find a swingset!)....

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Angie said...

I'm so feeling with you guys. My hubby is also always working late on the weekends . Last night we went out together after so long...God it was eggcited ;O). The picture of Ben and gracie on the back of the Truck are really cute.