Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a clue, a clue!

oh, how we love blue's clues. when mr. ben was around 2, he could not get enough of blue's clues. we all loved watching that show! i don't know what we would have done without blue's clues at that time. it was when gracie was a newborn & we were struggling for some sanity in our household. steve & blue seemed to make everything better with their songs, clues & advice that we could do anything that we want to do.

for halloween that year, we dressed up as the blue's clues bunch.
ben was less than thrilled about wearing his costume that year.
sadly, after ben's 2nd birthday he moved on from blue's clues & on to big boy shows. right now, phineas & ferb is his favorite. i think that's the engineering blood in him.

we have had a revival of blue around the house. miss gracie has discovered the love for "buu buu" as she calls it. ben has been a great big brother & finding some fun in the old shows now too. he will notice things like steve & his daddio have the same belt, or will crack up at a joke or something now. i think i have all the episodes memorized now, but it is keeping everyone happy here & distracting them from daddio's crazy work hours (from 10am to 1 am for example).

we also now have gracie's 2nd birthday planned out, reusing the blue's clues theme from ben's 2nd birthday.

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