Friday, March 27, 2009

a visit to the zoo

we went to the zoo this morning. what a workout with all those hills! i am so out of shape. it's pretty embarrassing. since we have a season pass, i am planning to join the zoo walk on wednesday mornings & hopefully get back in some sort of shape. it's killer though.

ben checking things out.
there's a wobbly bridge, as ben calls it, that you can cross. he is a bit leary of it.

gracie, no fear. hurry up bubby

just hanging around at the zoo.

gracie loooves the goats!
one of my least favorite parts in the zoo, the slithery snakes...


angie said...

It is just great to see that there are more mommies out, who like to still go outside with their kids. To many are just sitting at home with their children.I love the pictures that you take and the things you are doing with your little ones. You give me a lot of fun ideas. It is nice to get to know you and your family

The Jarrett Family said...

Where are you Prather Family? It is very unlike you to blog-hibernate for this long!! Just kidding...hope all is well and maybe you are just jet setting to somewhere fabulous!

sara said...

hey jen!
things have been hectic here with dr. appointments for papaw & my mom. hopefully soon all will be better. when's florida???
im soo jealous!