Wednesday, March 11, 2009

our gnomey home

why gnomes????
well, when daddio & i were engaged, for my birthday my mom had given me a yorkie lawn statue & then a month or so later a memorial statue of a pet that passed away. daddio thought that was a bit odd & asked if she had a thing for lawn ornaments or something. well, with that said the game was on.
one day, at walgreen's, all the summer lawn decorations were 90% off. i bought like 10. i called my mom telling her my plan to stick them all over our flower bed & tell daddio they were from her. we couldn't wait for his response of "gee, thanks," because he would never say anything bad. my mom & i crack ourselves up sometimes.

since then, for every christmas & birthday since daddio & i have been married, my mom (damaw) has gotten him a gnome. this year, namaw (daddio's mom) joined in the fun & added to our gnome collection. for some, it might be a bit much but it puts a big smile on my face.

for ben's first halloween, we were all garden gnomes. a mom at the library playgroup asked if he was a poorly dressed santa claus. i've been mad at her ever since. just kidding, i've gotten over it.


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

love the gnomes. hope your day is a good one. ~karen

missdreampainter said...

Why is it no matter if you love or hate lawn ornaments everyone can smile at the sight of a gnome. They are just joyous little creatures. Of course be careful there have been incidents of people stealing lawn ornaments;)
We got your sign, very cool thank you so much, that was so thoughtful.