Thursday, March 12, 2009

homemade playdoh

one of my favorite memories from childhood is playing with play doh. i played with it all the time. in our sunday school nursery class, the teacher always made her own. it was always the best.
here's the recipe from one of my grandma's old church cookbooks.

the kiddos enjoyed measuring out the ingredients & mixing them together (with a bit of help from mom).

cooking on the stove...

the finished uncolored blob...

ben wanted green (his favorite color) & purple playdoh.

the smell of the stuff brought back memories of my childhood, ahhh. the playdoh has now turned into a lovely shade of gray.

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angie said...

I didn't know you can make playdoh by yourself. That sounds like alot of fun. Tyler would just eat it right now since he is still putting everything in his mouth. We still have to wait a little while.
Oh I love the smell of playdoh.