Monday, April 6, 2009

rocking out with friends & happy birthday poppy!

what a weekend! we only did 1/2 of what we had planned & i am exhausted! thursday night, gracie started with a high fever. friday we went to the doctor & had her looked at. friday was also my grandmother's birthday (who is no longer with us). we were planning to commemerate it by going out to eat with papaw. but, since miss gracie was sick & papaw's immunity is low from the chemo we had to cancel. thank goodness my mom went over & took care of him.

saturday we missed aunt linda's wedding. we heard it was a joyous event & are bummed we couldn't make it. welcome to the family, dave!

we did drive over to namaw & poppy's on saturday. gracie took a nice long 2 hour nap on the way. the kids got to play there all night while momma & daddio went to visit with some friends.
here are the boys jamming out on rockband.

i got to play with some little cutie pies. i can't believe how big they have both gotten!

by the end of the night, the men had waaay too many adult beverages. i will spare everyone the video of the watchtower finale. (daddio's favorite song to play on the guitar that goes on and on and on)
thank you jd & sheryl for having us over, we love hanging out with everyone! i wish we all lived closer together.

sunday was poppy's birthday. daddio was supposed to grill out for lunch. here is poppy doing the job, but he didn't mind.
daddio was a bit tired. gracie layed her dolly up there to keep him company.

uncle tom & grant at the birthday party.

blowing out the candle on his birthday pie. happy birthday poppy, we love you!

daddio & ben resting at the end of the day.
now, ben is sick & it is snowing. the fun never ends!

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