Monday, March 23, 2009

float like a butterfly

sting like a bee...

namaw & poppy came down this weekend & we tried out the wii sports games. after ben watched daddy & poppy box, he had to try. i can't believe my 3 year old was boxing...what are we thinking??? we really aren't raising a heathen, don't worry my fellow playgroupies. his favorite game he decided was tennis (thank goodness!) he is definitely all boy, but a sweet one.

the wii has become the ultimate reward in our home. it is only played when daddio's home in the evening (weekends are an exception)& if we've had a successful potty day & if he's been a good boy all day. any suggestions on wii games that are good for the 3 year old age????


Anonymous said...

Boxing is my favorite wii game. I love just punching your arms in the air as fast as you can--its so silly but that's how you win!

Ben and I will have to box the next time I come down to E-ville.

angie said...

Now I want one too lol.
That is funny.Especially how grandpa is into this game.

Deb said...

How fun!! I'll be watching for the game suggestions! We are planning on getting Caleb a Wii for his birthday this year.