Tuesday, March 17, 2009

well, bowl me over!

we went bowling for the first time today. i am exhausted. it was a great lesson in taking turns & patience for us all.
all of my pictures are blurry, but it was a good old time.
you can see ben's scowl from having to wait his turn..

my little girl carrying the big ball all by herself.

keep on rolling..

there it goes!

my kiddos were fascinated with the gun game. yikes.
mr. ben is getting really protective of his little sis. one of the kiddos accidentally ran into gracie, knocking her down. ben chased after the boy saying "don't push my sissy!" i had to explain to him it was an accident & he said sorry to his friend. ben could knock her down all day, but someone else touch her - no way! i can't imagine how it will be when she starts dating.

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angie said...

Oh it is so sweet that he is taking care of his little sis like that already. I thought that starts much later.