Monday, March 16, 2009

play ball! & playing at papaw's

we took the kiddos to see their first basketball game this weekend. basketball is a BIG deal here in southern indiana. we've been meaning to take the kids all year with papaw, but something would always come up. this past saturday was regionals about an hour away, so we went to watch the princeton tigers beat another team (good luck at semi-state guys!). the excitement at tournament games is just plain awesome. we had fun watching the game, even though it was a bit too loud for ben. i asked him if he would like to play ball like that & he said "no, they might knock me down." those boys were quite a bit bigger than him.

sunday, we went to papaw's for lunch & to help him out with stuff. he's about 1/2 through his chemo & the lump on his throat doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. he's starting to wear down a bit too.
this right here made his day though. gracie took his hand walking back from the barn...

he said little miracles still do happen.

there's an old ceramic cat outside at pap's. gracie has taken a liking to it.
damaw hauling around precious cargo.

i love this picture of ben. he doesn't look like he has a care in the world. just living in the moment, swinging. ahh, to be a kid again.

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angie said...

your pap's looks very happy around his grandkids. I'm sure they help him alot to get healthy.
It is very hard to see somebody you love in pain.
I hope your pap's feels better soon.
I pray for him