Sunday, January 18, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things....

in my free time, i love to surf the web. i have found a few things that i absolutely love.

charlie's soap. our clothes just come out of the wash better, softer. why, i don't know. but i love it.

funk butter. this stuff really works & it doesn't have any of that bad junk in it. the funk butter even works on daddio's funk, but he doesn't think the scent is manly enough. i also love their whipped pudding & whipped shea butter. i love to slather my kids up in both. they smell so good, you wanna eat em!

sophie the giraffe. i ordered one of these for cecee to chew on instead of the plastic phthalate, bpa containing toys. i think everyone thought she was chewing on a dog toy. it is so sweet looking & i think felt good on her gums during the teething. i for the life of me, can't find a picture of her chewing on it, but it was in her mouth constantly for several months!

california baby. it's free of all the nasty chemicals they put in the baby soap (numbing agents for tear free?). it's pricey, but we put it lasts a long time & we put it in a foamer to make it last longer. we switch between this & dr. bronner's mild soap for bathtime.

homemade all purpose cleaner. i discovered the wonders of vinegar on the web. i usually now mix together a concotion of dr. bronner's, vinegar, some lavender eo & tea tree oil for lots of our cleaning.

deal sites.. i love fishing for deals, baby bargains & slick deals. they are too addicting. i don't know how much $$ we really have "saved", but santa did get the favorite christmas gift for $25 instead of $89

etsy. handmade stuff. you name it, someone makes it. luuuv it!

sortfloorbooks. a great cheap book website. this is why our home is overflowing with reading material & a lot of friends get books as presents! free shipping on $15 of books.

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Dilem*mama said...

Charlie's is the BEST! I wish more people would discover it. I nearly crippled myself hauling the 1280 load bucket to the basement!