Friday, January 23, 2009

making faces & ugly blankies

my kiddos are quite animated. beano has been making this one face a long time now. when he's embarrassed, angry, shy; it's the same silly face.
i asked him not to make the face because it wasn't nice. he said it was, it was a daddy face. so there you go.

here's the fleece blanket i made out material i had just sitting. i had this brilliant idea of making everyone homemade pants for christmas. it's now middle of january. so, i decided to make a blanket. it is very soft & comfy cozy, as beano likes to say. i bet the whole family will fit under it. beano's only complaint was that there isn't enough lightening mcqueen on it. here's beano enjoying the warmth (making the face).

it's going to be good for playing mothra around the house for daddio! (after bath, the kids like to put on their hooded towels & fly around the house. i scream "eek, a bug, a moth!" and swat at them.)
poor kid fell down while trying to take off his shirt & hit our bed frame. he has a big owie under his eye. good thing he's tough like his daddy!

have a great weekend!

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missdreampainter said...

okay seriously he has the best haircut, i just love it, it is inspiring me to get bangs. who would have thought the latest hair fashions could come from your little guy