Saturday, January 3, 2009

christmas fun part 2

eventually, i will get to the new year......

on christmas eve eve, beano & justin were both sicko! it was terrible. but, by morning time when santa arrived on christmas eve everyone was doing better. the kiddos received lots of fun presents. a cabbage patch kid doll for cecee, hot wheels race track & balance bike for beano and a disco ball for me! but the biggest hit was daddio's remote control helicopters that battle each other. the boys, i mean men, have had a blast with those!

after our christmas morning, we drove to stendal for christmas with the hagemeyer's, cooks and tassell's. here's jl modeling her new shirt..
we finally met jordan, ashley's boyfriend (good guy)! cecee loves it when brad reads to her! we had a good time visitng, eating, playing peanut & balderdash.

we then went to selvin with papaw for a burger. we got dressed at papaw's & the kids found the magnifying lens. they love to search for clues around his home. after pap's we went to the xmas eve program at church. you can see ben being a shepard in an earlier post.

christmas eve night, i caught the bug & was sick all night. but that didn't stop us from celebrating.

we went to papaw's & celebrated with mom, cousins nathan & luke and aunt peggy. we decorated cookies, swung in the swings, and had a good old time. ben said luke is the best swinger pusher in the whole world (whatever that means...)
papaw got some phillies papers from nathan for christmas- how awesome!

guess what i got.........

here are my cousins showing off their handmade wreaths & heating pads made by beano & me...

poor peggy had to rocky the babies.

after pap's we went up to tom & donna's for some more food &family times. a spectacular meal was served & the kids got some more fun toys. they got to play with cousin grant some more (their favorite!)

here are the pics ben took of namaw & poppy. i think i have a future rockstar/photographer on my hands!

i hope everyone had a happy holidays & a happy birthday to you karen!!! xoxo

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