Tuesday, January 13, 2009

happy 1 1/2 birthday, my little one!

today is cecee's 18month birthday. it's hard to believe she's that old. it's hard to believe 18 months ago i was bawling my eyes out wondering what was wrong with her (rapid breathing & developed pneumonia). she is growing up into such a funny, loving, full of spunk little girl. we are so blessed to have her.

today, we had some if our best friends over. what a great time we all had making crafts and playing like kiddos do. the kiddos had fun (despite beano's grouchy look in the picture, he's loving to hide his face or make ugly faces for the camera now) & i love visiting with the mommas.
the kids received such an awesome christmas gift today, handmade with love. check out these puzzles! this is something i know they will keep forever. thanks melissa, derick & girls!

tonight, we celebrated cecee's 1/2 birthday with heart shaped jello, dinosaur grilled cheese and a small birthday cake made by the kiddos.

she especially enjoyed the icing.

i love to look for random things to celebrate & want to do something "magical" for the kids each day (even though i know it's the day to day stuff that really matters). i hope we are creating good memories like i have from growing up. we love to build fort tents, play pirate, jump on the bed, dance like crazy (beano already can dance like mr. mcdreamy on can't buy me love{one of my favorite movies as a teen} - the african mating dance!!), crate craps (crafts) and just be kids. i enjoy staying at home with them, albeit sometimes (ok, a lot of times)can be frustrating. but i get to relive the wonder of childhood every day.

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